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Art Therapy for Youth


Children are naturally creative. Play and creativity is part of how they learn, understand and process the world that we live in. Art therapy allows for a gentle and fun approach to therapy. Art therapy acts as a way to communicate with children who don't have the language to express yet, it allows for us to meet your child where they are at.


Art therapy for youth is available for ages 7-12 both in-person and online. There are 1:1 clinical options available, as well as non-clinical groups & workshops (groups may have different ages ranges, including groups for teens). 

I see kids who...

- Are dealing with anxiety (sleep, separation, general, school, health, etc.). 

- Life transitions such as a move or dealing with grief & loss.

- Needing some help with emotional regulation.


- Having a space that is their own to express their feelings. 

* Please note I am not working outside these areas of practice at this time*
*A free consultation is required to determine if this would be a good fit!*


What to Expect

Session one is just between me and the parents/caregiver! This is a 45 minute session where we go over an intake together, come up with goals and for you to go into detail about your child.

The following sessions will be 1:1 with me and your kiddo. This will involve a combination of talking, play and creating. My goal here it to build trust and relationship while addressing our goals.

The first 3-4 sessions serve as an assessment period as I get to know your child. After this period I will schedule a 30 minute meeting with the parents to discuss observations, provide resources and discuss next steps. 

Art therapy provides a variety of different benefits for children. Play is a natural way for children to interpret the world that they live in. It also allows them to express themselves non-verbally. Children's brains aren't completely developed yet, so we have to teach them about their emotions and the language around it. Art therapy is visual and can help aid in this. 

Want to know more about art therapy? Click the link below.


Why Art Therapy?

The Details

- A free 20 minute phone consultation is suggested so we can decide if this feels like a right fit. This is a short conversation so I can get an idea of what you're looking for and for you to ask me any questions.

-Intake sessions with parents are required as the first session. Please note if there are two parents who are able to make healthcare decisions for the child, I require consent of both parents.

-Sessions are 60 minutes long and can be provided in-person or virtually through video. 

- I may be able to see your child or teen who is outside the age range listed (7-12). Please contact me for more information. 

-3-4 sessions are recommended as an assessment period, we will then connect and discuss next steps.

-A closing session is recommended for the termination of therapy.

My rate is $130 + HST payable by e-transfer. If cost feels like a barrier to therapy, please ask me about my sliding scale options. Individual sessions are considered clinical, contact your insurance company to see if they cover psychotherapy.

How we can work together

Creative Resilience
Anxiety Program
(Coming Soon)

6 Week 1:1 Anxiety Program
(Coming Soon)

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