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A workshop for honouring transitions.

Transitions in life are inevitable. Sometimes it can feel difficult to give the space that is needed for the changes in our life. Sometimes these changes feel big and obvious, like a new baby, new relationship, new job. Maybe a breakup or a passing of a family member.

Sometimes these transitions are more subtle. Like the feeling we are outgrowing certain people or phases of our life. The feeling that we are growing as person. Or that feeling before we are ready to take a leap in our life.

Whatever the change, we can use art and creativity to mark this time in our life, to make space for it. This workshop, gives you that space during a time when we began to see the seasonal transition of fall to winter, a time of rest and reflection.

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Honouring Transitions

Image by Andrew Ridley

The Outline:

The intention of Honouring Transitions is really to create an environment for you to show up wherever you are in this time in your life with curiosity and non-judgment. Transitions, whether we view them as "good" or "bad" use up a lot of energy and each experience is unique. This workshop will be a group environment where you can connect with others, create art with a large buffet of materials, reflect on your experience and gain some insight. 

What to Expect:
Introduction: Settle in with tea and snacks. I will spend some time explaining about art therapy, giving tips to inspiration and expression and ease any worries about the process. 
Art Making: I want to give us much time as possible for creating. I will provide the group with 3 prompts related to tranisitons. Choose which one applies to you, or use the time creating however you like. There isn't rules to what you create. Take breaks as needed.
Discussion: We will come back together as a group to share, giving everyone the space to share their art, reflections and insights. 

NO ART EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. If you have never picked up a paintbrush or crayon, this group is still for you. It's my job to help support you through a creative process and to help you reflect on what is showing up for you. Our goal here isn't to create something full of technique, skill and beauty. But to create because it feels good, meaningful or fun. 


The details

Date: Friday, November 17th, 2023
Time: 6:15pm-8:00pm
Address: 60 Main Street E, Second Floor, Huntsville ON

Cost: $25 + HST (TOTAL: $28.25)
Ages: Adults

There is no right way to create art. It is an expression of our inner world.

Need to know:

This program is considered to be non-clinical. This means that although this program is designed and facilitated by a professional art therapist and registered psychotherapist the intention is not to provide psychotherapy.

However, it is designed to be educational, fun and therapeutic. Art-making and play are naturally therapeutic modalities and this program is considered "art as therapy". I am here to support and educate the participants throughout the program. 

You do not need to have any art experience to participate! This is not an art class, and I am not an art teacher. Although I am knowledgeable of art supplies and techniques, our goal is focused more on process than product. 

So what does art have to do with it?

 Art therapy is a process that allows us to be curious about ourselves through a gentle and creative approach. It provides us with opportunities to reflect, play and connect with ourselves in a tactile and visual way. It allows you to express yourself differently that doesn’t necessarily involve words. Human beings are innately creative. It’s a process that allows you to cultivate empowerment in your life, to understand your experiences, to reflect on your direction and to build a strong sense of self.

REGISTRATION OPENS OCTOBER 17st. Please email to request being put on the waitlist and a reminder email for registration.

Please thoroughly read through the next steps in order to register:

Option one:

  • E-mail me at requesting to register (I will get back to you within 24 hours)

  • You will receive a welcome and informational email to pre-save your spot and ask you to fill out some info

  • Payment of $28.25 can be paid by e-transfer to

  • Once payment is received your spot is confirmed. Your spot is not confirmed until payment is received

  • You will be sent a digital receipt and an online consent form to sign

Option Two:

  • Click the link below that will bring you to the "Power Diary" booking portal

  • Create an account and choose "Book Class"

  • Move through the calendar until you find the start date of your preferred workshop/group

  • Continue following the steps until registration

  • Within 24 hours you will receive a welcome email to pre-save your spot and ask you to fill out some info

  • Payment of $28.25 can be paid by e-transfer to

  • Once payment is received your spot is confirmed. Your spot is not confirmed until payment is received

  • You will be sent a digital receipt and an online consent form to sign


Please send payment after your spot has been confirmed, as soon as possible. Without payment prior to the group your spot may not be confirmed and may open up for someone else. Refunds are available with 48 hours of your start date and I cannot issue a refund after this time. I cannot refund for any missed days. For any missed days I cannot accommodate with a private session without payment. Receipts will be issued after payment has been received. Please consider these policies before registration. Thank you.



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