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Are you an organization in the Muskoka, Simcoe areas or online who are curious about bringing in art therapy to your space?

I can bring art therapy to you. I can provide art therapy groups and workshops on a one time or contract based arrangement to suit your needs. Don't have a space? I have access to a large studio that can meet your organizations needs.

Keep reading to learn more about what I can offer your organization!


Art Therapy

Where can I work?

Art therapy can come to many different types of organizations. Some of those include: ​

1. Mental Health Organizations
2. Assisted Living
3. Schools
4. Wellness Centers
5. Hospitals
6. Group Homes
7. and more

If you do not see your organization on this list, this doesn't mean that it wouldn't be a right fit. Reach out to me with your ideas and we can see if this would be a good fit for your space. 

Past programming I have run for organizations:

  • Assisted living homes working with adults with dementia

  • Living with cancer youth art therapy program

  • Bereaved mothers art therapy workshop

  • Programming for adults with developmental disabilities 

  • Women's art as self-care workshops

What would a session look like?

This will depend on your organization and your needs for the clients. As well, it will depend on whether you are looking for clinical or non-clinical services. Generally, we set an intention for what you are needing and I will come into the space, or you come to me and I set up and facilitate art therapy led groups and workshops. 

Clinical Art Therapy: I would come into the space to run a group or individual sessions that focuses on a specific mental health issue that would involve psychotherapy. 

Non-Clinical Art Therapy: These are groups and workshops that focus on a specific theme or provide art as therapy based sessions, meaning that I set a variety of materials out and the focus is more on the art-making as opposed to a mental health issue. This is not an art class, and I am not teaching art skills. I am providing and holding a safe space for exploration.



Why bring art therapy to your organization?

Some benefits to art therapy include: 

Self expression 
Connection with others
Brings insight to experiences
Self-mastery and empowerment
Gives voice to experiences


Exploring identity
Non-verbal alternative
Sensory and kinesthetic experience
Manage and understand emotions
Encourages problem solving
Teaches self-regulation



Remember, I can adjust the sessions to what you are looking for in your organization. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or ideas you may have about collaborating on a project.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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