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Let’s be honest, the world that we experience everyday is challenging.

While it’s filled with many moment’s of joy, it’s also overwhelming with daily tasks, the news, constant pings of social media, taking care of our loved ones and our work. We feel a loss of connection, a loss of relationship with ourselves, others, and our environment.

We can feel a sense of living in the unknown, a “stuckness” that we can’t put into words.I believe that creativity is a way back to connection, with ourselves, our bodies, our relationships and our world.

1:1 Art Therapy

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you love. It will not lead you astray. - Rumi

It has always been important to me to include an understanding of how our world and our society affect our overall well-being and the impact of this. My approach is to assist my clients in feeling empowered in their own process and feel in control of their wellness through creative ways.

Art therapy might be a right fit if you are...

-Struggling with symptoms of anxiety, including general, social, eco and health anxiety and wanting to understand and manage these symptoms 

-Dealing with chronic stress & burnout and wanting to make more space for rest and creativity in your life. Or wanting to re-evaluate your relationship with social media. 

-Finding yourself comparing yourself to others in your life and in the online world. Someone who is feeling stuck in what you “should” be doing”, or dealing with perfectionism.

-Going through life transitions, grief and loss, a heartbreak.

-Feeling disconnected with loving yourself, showing yourself compassion, or a loss of sense of self in this world.

-Trying to understand your purpose and your values, someone who is feeling “stuck”.

-Curious about taking up more space in your life. Who is curious about how our environments affect our well-being.

-Open to understanding and learning about our emotions, to gain ways to work with our emotional understanding, recognition and management.

...and are wanting to approach these concerns in a creative way! Please note that no art experience is required to participate in art therapy. 


So what does art have to do with it?

 Art therapy is a process that allows us to be curious about ourselves through a gentle and creative approach. It provides us with opportunities to reflect, play and connect with ourselves in a tactile and visual way. It allows you to express yourself differently that doesn’t necessarily involve words. Human beings are innately creative. It’s a process that allows you to cultivate empowerment in your life, to understand your experiences, to reflect on your direction and to build a strong sense of self.

The details

- To see if we would be a right fit to work together we start with a free 20 minute consultation. This gives you an opportunity to get a feel of it and ask me any questions.

- Sessions are 50 minutes long. Both in-person and online video are available for sessions.

- No art experience required! All supplies included for in-person sessions. 

- The number of sessions varies for everyone. I suggest between 4-8 sessions that are either weekly or bi-weekly. There is no commitment to a certain number of sessions, you can close at any time or attend for longer. 

-1:1 art therapy is considered clinical. Check with your insurance company to see if they cover psychotherapy.

My rate is $140 payable by e-transfer. If you have concerns about the cost of therapy, ask me about my sliding scale option. 

SLIDING SCALE OPTION FOR STUDENTS: I offer two virtual sliding scale spots for adults who are attending post-secondary education. Please reach out to learn more.


Click here to learn more about me and how I approach art therapy.

How we can work together

Ready to connect?

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